5 Tips To Improve Your Accuracy in Archery (For NorthEast Teer Game) Teer Result Shillong Teer

Improve your accuracy and overall performance in the archery game. Follow the given tips to dramatically improve your score in the teer khela. Teer Result Shillong Teer, If you want to be among the top players then you should start working on yourself. Because Improve each and every possible bit in your archery profession. So without wasting further more time, let’s start.

Find a Mentor 

Which player of archery you love the most; You have to find a single player which you think is the best. Get inspired and start following that professional archery player. Carefully observe your inspiration. See what he is doing in everyday life. How because he do maintain himself for the game. If possible ask him to provide you a proper mentor-ship. Some pro players in Shillong Teer already doing this as per our knowledge. The chances are 50-50 weather he will agree or not. But at-least there is nothing to lose if you ask. If he says yes then that will be like dream come true.

” To become a leader, follow a leader

Use Perfect Gear

Never compromise with basic archery gear. For making good impact you will need proper archery products. If you say that they are expensive and you can’t afford them. Then I would say that its fine if you start with basic archery set. But as you grow in your game start upgrading your equipment accordingly. Means, then you should not purchase the top most model at higher cost. Instead you should opt for mid-range or which is giving you most value for your budget.


The basic idea is that you should keep a budget for upgrading your archery gear. As you go better because in the game you should change your products to raise the performance.

Meditate for Improving Focus

As we all know that his game revolves around focus. The focus is the one biggest part of this whole sport. Therefore, to get better in this game start working on improving your focus. And how would you do that? The answer is simple, by doing regular meditation. Yes the guided meditation is known to improve focus and increase mental abilities. 


By doing 30 minutes to 1 hour meditation daily, you will improve your focus like a hero. And its quite essential in modern competitive archery as can understand. You will see a huge change in yourself. So start doing meditation form today. If you are unaware from where to start, then there are plenty of information and tutorials available online. Use Google search to find them. The solutions are not far from you.

Stop Breathing for a Moment

It’s another trick in archery sport to improve accuracy. When shooting the arrow you should hold your breath. Doing this will give you much more stability. And by having increased stability you will hit the target much better. So start practicing breath holding.

Initially it will be a bit difficult. But as you do more and more practice it will become easier. Every time you will improve some amount of time of holding breath.

Do Practice

You maybe already do this. Practicing is another crucial part of archery game. If you are still not doing this, don’t under-estimate the power of this. Daily minimum 1-2 hour of practice is necessary to maintain your performance in the teer game. In-fact the practice is the thing which will be responsible for improving your overall abilities and score. This is the basic thing which is applicable for each sport.

Story of A Boy Who Becomes Rich While Playing Teer Game Its a story of a simple boy. A boy with many dreams in his eyes. The beginning and end of his dream start from getting rich in no time. He wanted to become the richest man in his town. I would not mention his name here, let’s call him a dreamer boy. This boy is somewhat different from others. He is passionate and hard-working in everything he does. He is passionate about archery sport and used to play in Indian Teer games. Shillong Teer Ending House Shillong Teer Result

One fine day his friend introduced him to a archery game which is played in Shillong, Khanapara, Juwai, Manipur, etc. The dreamer boy got an interest in this game like he was born to play this. Anyone doesn’t know what happened to this little boy. He was caught by a fever of playing Teer game and its never-ending as we know.

He tried his full efforts to play this game on a daily basis. Every day he takes money from his mother to buy the tickets and participate in this game. He was hoping someday he will win the gold medal. But life is not as we think. He lost almost all the savings of his parents for this game. His father is an auto-rickshaw driver and mother is a house-wife. Shillong Teer Ending House Shillong Teer Result.

Here we see he can live his whole life like this. Or he can choose other options. It’s up to him, we can’t judge what is right and what is wrong. He says I totally depend on my dreams. I sleep early at night and have a deep and good sleep. In the morning I recall the dream I had last night. And based on the Teer dream number, I choose my playing number. Mostly god is with my side and he tells me what to do. I just follow him and living my life this way.

Despite being educated and talented he was only wanted to play an archery game. Many of his friends suggest he quit this game focus on career building in something else. But he ignored everyone. Now when the time is passed he is still playing this Teer game and some he wins and some times he loses. Shillong Teer Ending House 

What do you guys think? Is there any better option to look for? If you have some thoughts and advice on this please tell us below in comments. So many young boys may need it. Daily thousands of people play this archery game from many states in India. We have an updated list for your easy access. You can check all the previous and current results data from the links given below. Do check them and take a better idea of the game before you play.

This is the motivational story for all the payers who are like this boy. By reading this story you will gain your kick start in Teer game. We hope you liked the story of this young boy. Shillong Teer Ending House. We will bring more interesting things in the future too. So save our website on your phone. Thanks so much.

Pro Tips To Make Long Term Career in Teer Game Do you wish to have a career in Teer Khela? You can earn money in the Teer game. People who live in North-East of India (Shillong, Khanapara, Guwahati, etc.) especially Meghalaya have this opportunity. They can make their careers and earn their living from this game. Let’s explore how you can do this. Shillong Teer Day Khanapara Teer Juwai Teer Shillong Teer Night

Participate in Teer Results

Career in Teer Game

You can become a participant of Teer game and earn. Just choose the outcome number and have some tickets. When the game is ended and the results are announced, if your number selected then you will win some amount. The whole concept is fully genuine and managed by govt. So you don’t need to worry anything about it. You should also pay your attention to khanapara Teer common number for playing in khanapara. And similarly, if you are participating from Shillong, keep your eye on Shillong Teer number also. This will give you an edge over others. Don’t ever get emotionally involved in the game, instead play with logic always. Never lose the latest updates of the game even you are not participating.

Keep your eyes on the professional players who are dominating the whole game. Carefully observe them how they are playing their Teer. What when and which are the most common habits of the pro players is the thing you should know.

Become A Pro Player in Your City

Another thing you can do becomes an official pro player of the Teer association. This way you have to play the Teer game as best as you can. And the Teer association will give you daily wages. The amount you earn per day will be approximately Rs.300 in India. It is not a fixed figure we can say, but you can get a fair idea from it. The game is played every day except on Sundays and holidays. To increase the chances of your winning know your Teer dream numbers first. So you can make a decent salary from it. First, try to focus on playing in your city or local region. Dominate your nearby area and then move to the next city. This way you can ensure perfect hold on the game and slowly increase yourself for various states. Shillong Teer Day Khanapara

Open Your Own Teer Counter

Next, you can do is take affiliation from official Teer management authorities and become a Teer counter agent. You can open your shop for selling Teer tickets and people will buy them. You will receive some share from that. But the responsibility is much higher in this option. You have to take care of the collected cash. And you have to take care of people who will win the game. Saying is easier than doing it. But its another option to make a career Teer game.


So as you can we have explored how you can make your career in this game. The Teer game has the most lucrative career prospects in India. Whether you choose to become a player or an organizer that’s totally your choice. Some people who are already involved in the local business will opt for establishing the Teer booth. We will say every option is best in itself, You choose wisely according to your skills and abilities. Rest if you having any other confusion you can always take our help. Comment in the below section your thoughts so that we can suggest the best option for you. Thanks.

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